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1. First Meeting


We offer a personalized experience to our clients.  The initial consultation allows us to get to know each other.  We provide information about our services and you have the opportunity to discuss your goals, ideas and expectations.

Together, we determine the type and extent of the required services, discuss time schedules and identify special requirements.


2. Quote


Kolibri Design delivers professional services and top-quality products.  Following our initial consultation, we provide a free quote at competitive rates.

3. Conception + Initial Design


In the conception phase, we develop ideas tailored to your requirements and market.  Elaborate design options are created and presented to you.  Requests for modification will be discussed and integrated.  Your satisfaction is of utmost

importance to us.

4. Realisation + Correction


As soon as the conception phase

is completed, we begin with the implementation of the design.

We offer professional service providers when requested, such as photographic materials, illustrators, photographers, translators, editors, web programmers and printing companies.

5. Approval


Your approval is the starting point for production. We prepare any data for printing and pass it to the production company.

6. Production


We contact production companies, obtain quotes, and coordinate and supervise production for you.

7. Closing Meeting


Now we review the success and outcomes of your design.  What has worked well?  What could be improved?  How can we plan for the future?  From here we make any necessary modifications.

We plan for future updates and developments so your business

can continue to grow and prosper.