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My name is Patrycja Jedrasik, I am an Communication Designer and Founder of

Kolibri Design in Berlin. Communication Design combines graphic design artistry with business and marketing know-how.

I am passionate about creating idea- and concept-driven communication design, incorporating meaningful strategy and meticulous attention to detail.


I have 11 years of experience creating online and print communications for numerous national and international organizations and companies.

I worked for several renown advertising and design agencies, including Suburban Design & Construct, Jack in the Box, Peter Paul & Mary, and Pat & Patachon.

My expertise covers a broad range of applications, from the smallest logo to the

largest wall.


I service German-, English- and Polish-speaking clients and projects.


offers corporate design, web design, editorial design and exhibition design. We are based in Berlin, Germany. For 8 years, we have serviced companies in Berlin and Europe. Our well-planned creative solutions are innovative and employ the latest technologies and standards. Our designs are original, inspiring and effective.


Kolibri can target a specific design area or develop a generic brand concept and create a comprehensive package. As we value our customers, we guarantee a personalized experience and strive for your complete satisfaction. Our team is complemented by partnerships with proven specialist businesses.